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Canon printer setup in detail

Check out the complete instructions to perform Canon printer setup without any hindrance. The directives given below will be handy and you can wrap up the process within minutes. You can also get professional help by dialing the toll-free number mentioned above. Moreover, our technical team will provide step-by-step instructions over the phone. Just follow the steps available here for a successful Canon printer setup.

  • canon-printer-setup

    Finding it hard to setup your Canon Printer ? Just call our customer support team  +1-888-863-4264 and we’ve got you covered. 

Canon Printer Wireless Setup

Prior to the wireless configuration, you should verify whether the computer is connected to the internet. It is very important to connect the computer on the same wireless network in which you have connected the printer. Checking access point or router configuration can be performed just to assure that these will not hinder Canon printer setup in any way.


  • When connecting the Canon printer to the internet, you have to keep certain things on mind and they are listed below. Just ensure that you completely read the points given below which will help you in Canon printer setup.
  • Certain things setup, router operations, configuration methods and privacy setting of the network device totally depends on the system environment. It would better if you make use of the device’s instruction manual during the setup or connect with the device manufacturer.
  • Users who are trying to configure the printer on workplace should contact the network administrator.
  • Utilize protected wireless which comprises security protocols to avoid data leakage to the third party.
  • You might hit upon errors during the Canon printer wireless setup. In such cases, you can either follow the Canon printer troubleshooting manual or dial the toll-free number to have a chat with our Canon printer support team
  • No matter what, it is your responsibility to connect the Canon printer and the computer on the same wireless network.

Canon printer driver setup

You should copy the software and Canon printer driver to the computer before starting the printing operations. Setting up the Canon printer driver might take some time and the installation process differs for each and every computer environment. It is also based on the number of application installed.

  • canon-driver-setup

    Finding it hard to setup your Canon Printer Driver Setup ? Just call our customer support team  +1-888-863-4264 and we’ve got you covered.

Canon Printer Driver Download

  • During the Canon printer software setup, you should log in to the computer as an administrator or a member who have administrative rights. Just cease all the applications that are currently running on your computer prior to the Canon printer driver download. Once you have signed in using a user account, you need to use that account till the Canon printer software setup session wraps up.
  • You should connect the printer to a high-speed internet connection as there is a high probability for the computer to demand an internet connection
  • Sometimes, you need to restart the computer during the Canon printer driver installation and don’t remove the installation CD during the restart.
  • You will notice that the installation starts automatically after a proper restart in the computer. A warning notification will appear during the software setup if your computer’s firewall function is enabled.
  • You need to modify the settings in security software in such a way that it doesn’t hinder in the Canon printer setup at any instance.
  • Users who are connecting the printer to the internet for the very first time, you will be prompted to go through the directives that appear onscreen.
  • All you have to do is, insert the CD-ROM that was shipped along with your printer in the CD/DVD driver and advance through the simple steps.

You will get to notice the printer connecting to the wireless network instantly. It is very crucial to select Network Connection on Connection Method Selection screen.

Setting up the Canon printer via USB connection

Here is the complete setup procedure to connect the Canon printer using USB connection on Windows computer. This instruction given below is available exclusively for the Windows users. Tag along with the directives carefully to complete the Canon printer setup on a successful note.

  • canon-usb-connection

    Finding it hard to setup your Canon Printer  via USB Connection? Just call our customer support team  +1-888-863-4264 and we’ve got you covered.

Canon Printer driver download for USB connection

You can either use the installation CD or just visit the Canon printer page to download the recent software version. Once you are on the web page, just click Downloads to commence the Canon printer driver download.

Check your Downloads folder and run the software file as administrator. Click OK when the computers prompt you to grant permission to execute the Canon printer software in the desktop.

It might take a few minutes to retrieve the recent software and driver versions available for Canon printer. When prompted, just choose the country/region before you tap Next and accept the terms and conditions after reading the agreements. When you tap, the setup program will terminate immediately.

The setup program will prompt you to study the Extended survey program as well. However, participation in this program is not mandatory and just click Do not agree to move further. This survey has nothing to do with the Canon Printer setup or printer functions. Hang around for some time when the setup program runs on your desktop.

Remember that it is very important to know about the Firewall settings as it will block software installation from unknown resources. Just verify whether Deactivate block is check when you get to view the Firewall Settings message on the screen. Just click Next to move further.

Give some time to the Canon printer setup program to verify the printer status. Tap USB Connection when the Select Connection Method Scree pops up on the screen.

Hang around until the Canon printer driver completely downloads and install on your computer. Now it’s time to insert the USB cord in between PC and the Canon printer. Click Next when you view the Print head Alignment Recommended screen, click Next.

Canon printer driver setup for USB connection

Tap Start button to execute a test print and continue with the Canon printer setup process by clicking Next. Tap Next for one more time when you get to view the Setup complete message on the screen. You can either keep the Canon printer as the default printer on your desktop or just uncheck the Set as default printer box in detail.

After this, dialogue box will display all the available software and you can choose certain software that you would like to install. Complete the Process by clicking Next. The software download will commence and wait for some time. To wrap up the session, just click Next when the Canon printer software download is complete.

To get instant updates Canon products and services, just register your Canon printer by clicking “Register Now”. Otherwise, conclude the setup process by clicking Skip.


Driver download via installation CD

 Users who are using the installation CD should remember that the installer will begin automatically. If it doesn’t happen, just go to the File Explorer on your Windows computer and direct to the optical drive (D: or E:) and execute the MSETUP4.EXE to move further. After this, tap Start setup when the software setup kick-starts.

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Canon Printer Support

Canon Printer Support

Setting up the Canon Printer for the first time? You are at the right place. Just make use of the instructions here or get in touch with us.

Canon printer software setup

Canon printer software setup

Software is very essential for any technology and Canon printer software setup plays a very crucial role and we help you to perform the software setup.

Canon Printer Driver Download

Canon Printer Driver Download

Downloading the Canon printer driver is no big deal. However, you might require expert help and we are happy to lend a hand for the users.

Canon Printer Wireless Setup

Canon Printer Wireless Setup

Connecting the printer on the internet will help you to avail the web services. Don’t worry about the wireless setup on your printer because we’ve got your back

Canon printer troubleshooting

Canon printer troubleshooting

Finding it hard to eliminate Canon printer issues? Just call our customer support team and we’ve got you covered. Printer issues are solved in no time by our team

Canon Printer Support

To set up the “Canon Printer” wired or wireless, call  +1-888-863-4264 and get your queries solved.

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