Canon printer setup – The Ultimate Guide

Canon printer setup – Overview 

Canon Printer setup instructions are available below which will let you configure the printer in minutes. 

 Configure Canon Printer on a wireless network

Check whether Canon printer is linked to the internet before kicking-off the wireless setup. It is very important to connect the Canon printer and computer on a same wireless network.  

Check list 

  • Before connecting the Canon printer on a wireless network, you need to confirm that the below listed things are satisfied. You need to remember each and every point while performing the Canon printer wireless setup without any hindrance. 
  • Check the system environment as it is the deciding factor for setup, router operations, Network’s privacy settings and configuration process. During this time, user guide of the device will come handy. You can get in touch with the device manufacturer to know furthermore. 
  • It is very important to communicate with the network admin if you are setting up the printer on a workplace. Open networks will pave the way to data leakage and it is better to make use of the protected wireless network. 
  • Hitting up on issues while configuring Canon printer on a wireless setup is common. However, you can make use of the Canon printer troubleshooting steps or just call the toll-free number to get in touch with our technical Canon Printer support team. Apart from these, you should connect the printer and desktop on the same wireless network. 

Canon Printer driver download

  • After the hardware configuration, Canon printer will prompt you to progress with the driver download before the wireless setup. Just follow the steps given below to execute the Canon printer driver download. 
  • Don’t forget that you need to sign in as the admin or user with admin rights when downloading the Canon printer driver on desktop. 
  • Terminate the tasks that you are currently executing for a while and progress with the Canon printer setup. 
  • After signing in, don’t try to switch accounts when executing the Canon printer software setup. 
  • A high-speed internet connection is important to download the drive and ensure you don’t have any technical glitches while configuring the driver 
  • Removing the installation CD is not recommended and let the CD drive remain in the computer even a system restart occurs. 
  • System restart during driver setup is usual and you will acquire warning notification during the software configuration from the computer’s firewall system. 
  • Just try to disable the security system until you complete software download so that the Firewall doesn’t interrupt the driver download in your computer. 
  • Just follow the instructions that appear onscreen without any hindrance and complete the driver setup. 
  • During the Canon printer driver setup, you will get to view the Connection Method Selection dialog box. 
  • You need to select the Network connection in which you wish to connect your Canon printer. In this case, select Wireless network as you are moving forward with the Wireless connectivity. Tag along with the instructions that are available on screen and wrap up the Canon printer wireless setup.